Exhibit: Adam Oswald

Apr 12th 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Adam Oswald was born and raised in South Dakota, and spent his youth doing what Midwestern boys do - dreaming of excuses to be outside. Neighborhood baseball games, hikes and digging holes in the dirt, but nothing compared to sitting in a tree stand waiting for deer to make their move or trudging through a slough anticipating the ring-necked roosters’ startling flush. As he grew older, Adam realized it was not just about the presence of a particular quarry he was after, but the act of being in nature that excited him most. He notices the behavior of all wild things, birds pulling bugs from the dirt, squirrels gliding from branch to branch, the way trees sway in the wind and, most importantly, the effects of all lighting conditions. If you catch him gazing into the distance, there is a good chance he is daydreaming about those experiences, but an even better chance he is studying the way shadows and light play off the forest floor or nearby structures.

“I don’t just see the way things are, I try to interpret why those things look like they do. Why do particular plants grow in certain areas, why are the animals displaying certain routines, and why do those things change when humans or other animals are around? Painting is an addiction for me, it’s the way I take notes of what I am learning, and it’s a way for me to share my experiences.”

Adam Oswald continues to learn from each brushstroke, and strives to make his art better with each painting.

“The best thing about being an artist, is growth. If every painting came out the same as the last, I would get bored… luckily I am willing to step out of the comfort zone and do new things, try new techniques and expand my knowledge.”

Adam is a member of, and often a donor to several outdoor and local organizations. He and his wife live in Harrisburg, South Dakota, with four children.