Dollars For Doors

Built in 1887 and one of only a handful of its kind left standing in the United States, the Grand Army of the Republic building (G.A.R. Hall) now serves as a quaint art gallery and home to Yankton Area Arts. In 2000, the building went through major renovations to become the home of the arts in Yankton. 

The wooden, exterior doors have endured many years of rain, wind, ice, and snow resulting in them literally coming apart at the seams and leaving them in a weakened state. The doors swell with humidity making them difficult to open and close. Then the forceful opening and closing of the doors weakens them even further. 

It's time to update and repair our doors and add period appropriate structures like an awning to offer weather protection. Because of the historic nature of the doors and the building, these updates will be costly but will secure our building and ensure YAA's longevity in one of Yankton's historic treasures.

Close the Gap

Add your name to a growing list of donors.

Anonymous Donations- $2200

Rudy & Kathie Gerstner - $1000

Patrick Kollars - $300

Tom & Barb Amsberry - $200

Anne Swift - $100

Joel & Cheryl Beck - $150

Sarah Mannes Homstad - $100

Roger & Marilyn Huntley - $100

Jane Brown - $100

Sharon Ehrhart - $100

Tim Hausmann - $50

Sharon Fiedler -$75

Pat Hohenthaner - $50

Tom Roper - $50

Tony & Donna Ellis - $50

Leo Cwach - $50