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Danna Kolbeck

Danna Kolbeck

Impressions of the Heartland

May 24th - July 9th

Danna Kolbeck is a graduate from Dakota Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts, dual majoring in Art and English. She was born and settled in Mitchell, SD. She recently founded and leads a local Arts Council serving Mitchell and the surrounding area. Her work has been shown in galleries across the state, including the Washington Pavilion, Brookings Art Gallery, and several area venues.

She has quiet pride in her work and sells it locally. Flowers, grasses, and the beauty of nature inspire her paintings. She enjoys sharing her love of art with her 4 year old daughter who wants to paint just like mommy.

Artist's Statement

Art changes the way I experience life as an adult. Instead of a busy workday filled with things that seek to dehumanize me, I meditate on swaying grasses, rolling hills, or the shadows along a slowly moving creek. My growing focus is landscapes with suggestive details and dramatic skies. These paintings give impressions of waterways, grasses, and mountain scenes in a way photographs cannot quite romanticize. They are gentle reminders of the subtle but striking views of the heartland.

My paintings are visual impressions of nature with dreamy compositions. I use watercolors to capture vibrant skylines, views of trees and windblown grasses. I communicate with broad, expressive movements of granulating color and tiny, precise flicks to capture the essence of a moment in time.

About the Artist

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