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Gallery Hours:

MONDAY -FRIDAY   1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

SATURDAY                  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

SUNDAY                       CLOSED


Klaire Lockheart

Lockheart Legacy

April 5th - May 21st

Klaire A. Lockheart is a feisty artist who uses traditional oil painting techniques to critique historical injustices in the traditional Western art world. She has lived in South Dakota since she earned her MFA from the University of South Dakota, and she is Miss Art World South Dakota. Lockheart enjoys using the human form as a vehicle to communicate the agency of women with viewers, especially since women artists were historically prohibited from studying live models and making historic paintings. In addition to addressing femininity and feminism within her artwork, Lockheart incorporates humor to make serious subjects approachable. Her recent solo exhibitions include Feminine Attempts at the Sioux City Art Center in Sioux City, IA; A is for Apron at the Ritz Gallery in Brookings, SD; and Brodalisques at the Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk, NE.



May 24th - July 9th

Impressions of the Heartland

Danna Kolbeck

July 12th - August 27th

Bridging the Past

Mighty Mo Photo Contest

August 30th - October 1

Connecting Artists

Uneven Orange Wall


We are seeking work for our 2025 exhibits.

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