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Performing Art Class

Scholarship Opportunities

High School Seniors

An annual scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior of Yankton High School. This scholarship was established in 1990 by the Yankton Area Arts Association to encourage graduating Yankton High School seniors to continue to pursue their education in one of the art disciplines (i.e. dance, music, theater, visual arts, writing). The student must use the scholarship money to continue their education during summer school or the regular year following graduation. Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the school the recipient indicates. If said recipient does not attend school within one year, the scholarship shall revert back to the Yankton Area Arts Association's Scholarship Fund.

• Yankton High School Senior.
• Candidate will have exhibited talent in one of the aforementioned art disciplines.
• Candidate will have indicated an aptitude for and commitment to pursuing excellence in the Arts.
• Candidate shall provide a written statement describing how the arts have impacted them and how arts will continue to have an impact on their future.
• Candidate shall provide a written recommendation from at least one instructor who has knowledge of the student’s talent and commitment to his/her art form.
• Candidates shall provide a resume and/or transcript.

Scholarship deadline is April 1st. 


We are passionate about our school educators. If you are teacher who is interested in taking accreditation classes that are arts focused, we can help fund a portion of the fees.

This annual educator scholarship was established in 2018 to inspire Yankton educators to add creative, engaging, artful methods to their classroom curriculum. The scholarship awarded will be up to $500 and is intended to assist with costs associated with continuing education or graduate credit course opportunities. All Yankton educators are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Applications are due May 1st. 

Past Scholarship Winners

This is our future, and here at Yankton Area Arts, we believe in investing in our future.  Here are at few of our past Scholarship winners we know will provide a great future. 

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