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Upcoming Exhibits

<p class="font_8">Art changes the way I experience life as an adult. Instead of a busy workday filled with things that seek to dehumanize me, I meditate on swaying grasses, rolling hills, or the shadows along a slowly moving creek. My growing focus is landscapes with suggestive details and dramatic skies. These paintings give impressions of waterways, grasses, and mountain scenes in a way photographs cannot quite romanticize. They are gentle reminders of the subtle but striking views of the heartland.</p>
<p class="font_8">My paintings are visual impressions of nature with dreamy compositions. I use watercolors to capture vibrant skylines, views of trees and windblown grasses. I communicate with broad, expressive movements of granulating color and tiny, precise flicks to capture the essence of a moment in time.</p>

Danna Kolbeck

May 24th - July 9th

Mighty Mo Photo Contest

July 12th - August 27th

Connecting Artists

August 30th - October 1

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