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Middle School Art Show

Middle School Art Show

Mar. 3 - Apr. 11

The annual Middle School Art Show features works by students from Yankton Middle School and Sacred Heart Middle School.

Mrs. Dakota Lincoln is a 2022 graduate of the University of South Dakota, where she received her B.F.A in K-12 art education with specializations in art history and painting. Mrs. Lincoln enjoys creating a space where the middle school artists feel comfortable taking risks with new materials and ideas, and especially likes to teach about mixed media art. She loves creating alongside the middle school artists and making connections with them. This is Mrs. Lincoln's first year at YMS.

Mrs. Pam Kallis is better known to most Yankton natives as Señora

Kallis.  Following her retirement from YSD, Kallis began teaching Spanish and Exploratory classes at Sacred Heart. This is her second year at SHS. After decades of using art to create sets and costumes for YHS, Kallis sees art as a method of communication. Telling a story to an audience through use of color, line, and form is at her center. While she doesn't teach costuming, she loves introducing students to different mediums and forms that allow them to share ideas and emotions with their audiences.

Artist's Statement

March is Youth Art Month

The goal of Youth Art month is to

  • Recognize art education as a viable factor in the total education curricular that develops citizens of a global society. 

  • Recognize art is a necessity for the full development of better quality of life for all. 

  • Direct attention to the value of art education for divergent and critical thinking. 

  • Expand art programs in schools and stimulate new art programs. 

  • Encourage commitment to the arts by students, community organizations, and individuals everywhere. 

  • Provide additional opportunities for individuals of all ages to participate in creative art learning. 

  • Increase community, business and governmental support for art education.

  •  Increase community understanding and interest in art and art education through involvement in art exhibits, workshops, and other creative ventures. 

  • Reflect and demonstrate the goals of the National Art Education Association thatwork toward the improvement of art education at all levels.

About the Artist

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