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Britton Hacke

Britton Hacke

June 2 - July 19

Britton is a photographer in the Sioux City area, shooting everything from events, to weddings, family portraits to corporate and product photography. He has shot concerts for several larger area venues and worked with nationally touring acts like Wu Tang Clan and Steve-O, as well as with several clothing brands and Netflix.

Married with 3 children, Britton also has a passion for stand-up comedy.

Artist's Statement

I strive to highlight our community in ways people might not have seen before.   The biggest compliment I hear is how seeing my shots have given an indivdual a whole new perspective on Sioux City, a town some people look down on and tend to focus on the negative aspects of.

I’m completely self taught, photography and social media wise, which has been challenging at times, but has allowed me to put my spin on these things and luckily people have responded.

I can't sit still. I have a very hard time sitting and relaxing. I feel more like me when I'm busy; when I'm doing stuff - just driving around town. I see people. 

I like doing the long exposure driving by...those are fun. What really inspires me is people; the way they look and the stories they all have. You may have no idea who someone is or what they've done in life, but you can kind of see it in a picture; you can at least guess. It's like a puzzle in a way. It's important to try to put yourself in somebody else's shoes occasionally.

About the Artist

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